Cloud-based Accounting Keeps Businesses Grounded

Cloud-based Accounting Keeps Businesses Grounded
Moving business operations, including accounting, to the “cloud” may seem daunting to many small businesses. On the contrary, cloud-based accounting can be a very simple yet highly secure and efficient method of managing your company’s financial information.

What is cloud accounting?
The “cloud” is an actual place. You just can’t see it. Most people will think of it more as being “online”. And whereas using your hard drive or your company’s network is only accessible by you or your company’s employees, respectively, access to the “cloud” is much more flexible.

Is cloud-based accounting for me?
Cloud-based accounting offers a range of benefits, including:
Real-time data
Multiple users
Information sharing
Reduce paperwork
Timely actions
Reduced IT Costs

If I do this, why do I need Exmant?
Smaller companies that may not have the capacity or budget to hire and maintain staff for accounting, cloud-based accounting offers the option to hire a third-party accounting firm, like Exmant. Your business can then focus on succeeding in your industry as you allow experienced professionals at Exmant handle your accounting, but still with your oversight from anywhere you do business.

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