At exmant we work with Xero – online accounting software that lets you input, access and keep an eye on your financial information wherever you are. Xero is very easy to use whether you’re just starting on accounting software or you’re switching from a different product. We’ll help you get set up and put a process in place to make your bookkeeping a breeze.

Invoicing customers
Learn about easy-to-use Xero online invoicing to create and send beautiful invoices, and to give your customers the ability to pay you online – which can help you get paid faster.

Creating quotes
Find out how to create and send a professional looking quote to your customers using Xero. You can easily track the status of your quotes and convert them to invoices in just a few clicks.

Connecting bank accounts
Xero’s all about making tedious tasks easier so Xero connects straight to your bank so your transactions feed in automatically. Here’s how to set things up.

Reconciling bank accounts
Once Xero is connected to your bank, reconciling is no longer a chore. See how to find a transaction to reconcile
with a bank payment, reconcile multiple invoices or bills with a single item on the bank statement, and transfer money between accounts.

Paying suppliers
Xero makes it easy to keep track of your accounts payable and simplify the task of paying your bills. See how to pay bills individually or in batches, and set up
repeating bill payments.

Creating purchase orders
You can manage your supply chain with purchase orders in Xero. Find out how to create purchase orders and copy them to bills, sales invoices or new purchase orders to save time entering data and keep control of your costs.

Managing expenses
Xero Expenses helps you reduce the hidden costs of processing expense claims by giving you simplified workflows, powerful control, and integrated accounting – all inside Xero.

Managing projects
Xero Projects is a simple way to track the time and money you spend on each job. Find out how to create a project, add time and expenses, invoice the project, and monitor its profitability.

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Outsourced Finance & Accounting

Accounting & Bookkeeping

exmant wants you to focus on running your business and let us focus on your accounting and bookkeeping. We are fully qualified and knowledgeable accountants with extensive experience assisting businesses in the UK. We can expertly assess your accounting needs and fluently explain the best course of action in plain English, avoiding confusion or misunderstandings.

Seamless Accounting Services

With a deep comprehension of UK standards and regulations, exmant will ensure all your bookkeeping is in full compliance. Whether overseeing your inhouse team or handling all your accounting and bookkeeping requirements, exmant can scale up or down as you need.

Reports Available Includes:

● Balance sheets: See how your assets and liabilities are affecting your company’s overall value.
● Income statements: Track profits and losses to understand your company’s financial health.
● Accounts receivable: learn who owes you how much and adjust customer credit accordingly.
● Accounts payable: plan expenditures better by knowing what bills still need to be paid.
● Fixed asset register: determine what assets are losing value or need replacing
● Project accounting: gain more granular insights with reports on specific departments or projects.
● Business performance: assess your company’s performance measured against specific goals.

Expert Bookkeeping in the United Kingdom

exmant can assist you at every level. Our qualified accountants and bookkeepers can ensure that you have proper documentation and record-keeping systems established so that your financial reporting will be flawless. If you also need to submit financial statements and reports to an overseas affiliate or parent company, exmant has the international experience to help you adapt your reports to meet all your requirements.

    Management Accounting

    Understanding the finances of your business is more than just knowing how much money is in your bank account. At exmant we pride ourselves in working with our clients in understanding the highs and lows of your financial performance. Having in place good financial management and controls is a pillar to all successful businesses and will assist in identifying any weaknesses and the strengths of your company.

    exmant will help you set up solid financial controls, reporting and planning tools to help drive your business forward.

    Interim & Part-time CFO

    A Chief Financial Officer or Finance Director is an essential role in any organisation but finding the right person to fill this position can be a long drawn out project. Engaging an Interim CFO is the short to medium term solution to ensure the smooth continuing financial management while finding the permanent candidate.

    Part-time Finance Director

    Employing a full time Finance Director can be expensive. It can therefore be more effective for a company to employ a part time finance professional instead. Engaging a part time accountant will not only save money but also remove the administrative burden and liability that employment introduces to a business.

    Highly Qualified Professionals

    exmant employs highly accomplished internationally qualified accountants with global experience. The experience they bring to our clients ensures they have peace of mind with regard to all aspects financial management and strategic development and planning. Contact Us today for an initial free consultation.